Guchhi Mushroom (Morchela, Morels)
  • Guchhi Mushroom (Morchela, Morels)
  • Guchhi Mushroom (Morchela, Morels)
  • Guchhi Mushroom (Morchela, Morels)

Guchhi Mushroom (Morchela, Morels) 100% natural

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Savor the earthy richness of Kinnaur's Morchella esculenta in a convenient 100gm pack, perfect for culinary exploration.


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  1. Prized for its unique flavor and appearance, Kinnaur's Morchella esculenta is a culinary treasure.
  2. Harvested in the spring season, these Morel mushrooms thrive in the pristine forests of Kinnaur.
  3. Distinguished by their distinctive honeycomb-like caps, they offer an earthy, nutty taste.
  4. Found in forests with rich organic matter and moist soil, reflecting Kinnaur's unique environmental conditions.
  5. Highly versatile in cooking, Kinnaur's Morels elevate a variety of dishes with their exquisite flavor profile.
Guchhi Mushroom
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