Kinnaur Royal Apple B
  • Kinnaur Royal Apple B
  • Kinnaur Royal Apple B

Kinnaur Royal Apple B 5kg

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Pre-order now for September shipment: Delight in the grandeur of Kinnaur's Royal Delicious apples, each hand-selected for their large size, packaged in a convenient 5kg box.


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Kinnaur's B grade apples are known for their robustness and flavorful characteristics. These apples are typically medium-sized with a distinct taste that sets them apart. While they may lack the shine and uniformity of higher grades, their taste and quality are excellent.

Kinnaur's B grade apples are not usually meant for direct consumption, but they excel in various culinary applications. They have a deep, slightly tangy-sweet flavor profile, which adds a unique touch to your dishes.

These apples are often used fresh or cooked in various dishes. Due to their flavor and quality, they are also utilized in a variety of desserts and preserves. Whether enjoyed fresh or processed into cider or jam, their unique taste adds a delightful dimension to culinary creations.

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